About Us

I launched this line for women just like me.  I am a mother, entrepreneur, and wife.  I maintain a busy schedule while working from home and taking care of my family.  I start my day with a fresh cup of dark roast coffee and prayer.  If it's not coffee, it is tea.  When I am not in front of a computer screen or in front of a class conducting training, I am a mom on the go.  

I like easy, comfortable, stylish, and classic pieces to pair with leggings, skirts, jeans and even shorts.  I have discovered that women all over the world feel the same.  

What's more, I want to inspire other women with my t-shirts and hoodie designs. I want you to know that I too understand that on certain days we need a little "Coffee & Ambition" to make it through the day. While on other days we may need a bit of "Tea & Grace". No matter what we always want to be cute and comfy!

My designs are created to help you feel empowered, motivated, and beautiful no matter if you are wearing a hoodie or t-shirt.